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Hi, I’m Howard Cannon of Restaurant Consultants of America and the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Restaurant© – volumes I & II.

Since 1987, we have served the Restaurant Industry by offering world-class quality advice and consultation to those that own and operate Restaurants.

To be successful in running a restaurant, you must be willing to work hard, gain knowledge, develop a plan, stay focused, track results, set goals, surround yourself with experts, and demand results.

Those that are great at providing HQSCA will usually be ahead of the pack. What is HQSCA?: Hospitality, Quality, Service, Cleanliness & Accuracy. And, those that are intense and passionate about getting everyone around them to be great at HQSCA, will almost certainly be highly successful at OPERATIONAL EXECUTION.

But, Operational Execution is only one aspect of running a restaurant, and, just because you are great at this critical aspect, does not mean you will run a successful restaurant … this is where Restaurant Business Expertise comes in.

I have personally had a hand in developing and operating many hundreds of restaurant businesses; and, our Senior and Associate Consultants have had a hand in developing and operating many hundreds more. I am the author of several books, dozens of articles, and more than a hundred industry speeches and interviews pertaining to “Running Restaurants”. Our books are found in bookstores in 76 countries around the globe. Tens of thousands of people that aspire to own and operate their own restaurants, from every walk of life, have read them.

I don’t tell you this to impress you, I tell you this to “impress upon” you… WE KNOW RESTAUARANTS! And, we know what it takes to RUN RESTAURANTS of every type and size.

Feel free to contact us anytime – we love talking about restaurants and the restaurant business.

Best regards,
Restaurant Consultant, Howard Cannon
Howard Cannon
Restaurant Consultants of America

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